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About Get Active Education

Get Active Education

We are a leading force in childcare, Sports and Education.

Established in 2004, Get Active Sports continue to deliver high-quality Apprenticeships across the childcare, sports and business sector to students across the UK varying from Levy and Non-Levy organisations.

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Get Active Education is a service provided by Get Active dedicated to apprenticeships and training delivery. Get Active Education is able to establish a team dedicated to the delivery of apprenticeships to schools, businesses and large organisations holding Levy contracts to develop their staff across a number of services. We help organisations to keep and improve their ethos, helping to shape staff development and a bespoke delivery for their learners and organisation.

What we provide

We work closely with you to deliver apprenticeships that meet and exceed not only your needs, but also the latest industry standards.

Support for you

Over the 12 to 36 weeks of your learner’s apprenticeship course, you’ll enjoy our continuous support, with regular check-ins and reviews at least every 12 weeks. We’ll also send you news updates so you can stay ahead of what’s going on in the industry.

Support for learners

Your learners will benefit from our tailored approach to teaching, with clear learning plans and programmes, regular check-ins and any additional support and guidance needed for them to reach their full potential.

Our tailored approach

We consistently deliver excellence through our three-phase approach, offering:

Planning and design
Planning and design

Helpful consultations

Bespoke plans

Learner-focused teaching

Employer-focused structure

Industry-led methodology


Student-centred delivery

Proven delivery styles

Tailored learning

Innovative online teaching

Impactful face-to-face teaching

 Routes to  progression
Routes to progression

Future learning opportunities

Work experience

Industry options

Aspirational suggestions for ambitious learners

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for employers