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Community Sport and Health Officer

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Community Sport and Health Officer

The key role of a Community Sport and Health Officer (CSHO) is to initiate behaviour change within sport and physical activity across local communities. 

A CSHO requires a comprehensive understanding of the principles of behaviour change; an ability to adapt delivery to suit different groups in society; knowledge of how to manage and lead colleagues or volunteers; practical experience of how to develop and devise appropriate sports or physical activity programmes; and the expectations of collaborative work with a network of partners / stakeholders.

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Our Learning Approach

Get Active Education offers individualised learning to each participant, and heavily involves you in all curriculum scoping to ensure that progress is meaningful. In addition, the curriculum scoping exercise provides an opportunity to review prior learning and completed qualifications, with the aim of personalising our scheme to support and enhance your business, and therefore your progress. 

We individualise every scheme of work to produce a bespoke delivery plan tailored around the individual’s needs, providing a more enhanced experience.


The apprenticeship will typically take 16-20 months to complete.


This standard is at Level 3.


Apprentices will leave with a meaningful and transferable portfolio with regards to behavioural change.