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Functional Skills policy

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Get Active Sports Process for the Delivery of English and Maths (Apprenticeships)

Stage 1:
Prior to enrolments employers and perspective apprentices are made explicitly aware of apprenticeship entry requirements in relation to English and Maths. This is documented within our course information pack.

All apprentices – regardless of prior attainment will be required to undertake a BKSB initial
assessment and diagnostic in English and Maths. This is to ensure that potential apprentices have the required ability to achieve the entry requirements of the apprenticeship.

The results of the Initial assessment / diagnostic are used to plan effective and individualised learning plans for every apprentice, accounting for any additional learning needs they may have,
which are identified during the enrolment process.

Upon the outcome of the initial assessment/diagnostic all apprentices will receive feedback and;
– If / where required offered additional learning support. (specialist Math’s / English support
tutors will lead on development of action plans if ALN agreed.)
– If identified that the learner will have difficulty to achieve the required English and Maths
entry requirements within the programme period than are referred to specific English /
Maths programmes to complete prior to the course to ensure at a level to achieve. ( in some
cases this could include GCSE’ / ESOL programmes.)

Stage 2:
All apprentices prior learning and qualifications are captured. (refer to Prior Learning process) All apprentices will have personal learning records reviewed as part of enrolment process and requested to produce any previous English / Maths certificates. (advised that have maximum of 6 weeks from start date to produce any certificates if there is no evidence of exemption via their Personal learning records.) If learners have any exemptions and are not eligible for funding of Functional skills, they will still be expected to complete an initial assessment and diagnostic (similarly to those with not prior attainment) and treated the same Irrespective of eligibility for funding. If learners have a need,
appropriate support will be given to ensure they are appropriately supported throughout their learner journey. All learners will have access to structured teaching sessions, as well as being taught indirectly within the embedded elements within the sector-based parts of the apprenticeship.

Learners will commence with functional skills learning within month one of their qualification to ensure that they get the appropriate support to excel on the apprenticeship and enhance their everyday life with the skills learned during teaching sessions.

Stage 3:
If learners are required to undertake functional skills as part of their learning plan they will be expected to progress / undertake learning on a monthly basis. This may take form of;
– Maths and English workshops agreed
– On line learning ( BKSB) . Completion of tasks and access to learning resources
In consultation with their English / Maths tutor it is the expectation that all apprentices will have completed and passed at least two functional skills mock tests prior to being pout forward to their Functional Skills Exam