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Quality Assurance Policy

Our Policies

Get Active Education: Evaluation of Quality of Training and Outcomes Process

At Get Active Education we have a robust quality management system (QMS) that is based upon continual improvement and setting of challenging targets for ourselves and our apprentices. Our
QMS is aligned to descriptors outlined within the Common Inspection Framework.

Our approach/process includes;
– Whole company approach to the production of an annual Self-Assessment report (SAR) that is assessed against descriptors within the Common Inspection Framework.
– A SAR that informs the development of our Quality Improvement Plan that identifies areas of strengths and areas of improvement within our provision.

– Setting and monitoring progress against targets within out QIP each month during scheduled managers meetings
– Our process for evaluating quality of training includes a rigorous observation of teaching and learning strategy with embedded objectivity to ensure that our teacher / tutors are measured against outstanding descriptors within the common Inspection framework.

– Use of benchmarks figures both nationally and regionally to gauge our performance against a provision in the areas of physical education.
– A comprehensive customer insight strategy that captures feedback from both apprentices and employers. This includes:
– Annual employer and learner surveys (target satisfaction rates)
– Apprentice forums (quarterly) to capture feedback and programme improvements
– An on-line suggestion board
– Quarterly apprentice / learner audit that encompasses learner feedback
– Response to any complaints received

Get Active Education KPI’s for monitoring the quality of training Our Quality Improvement plan is at the heart of our quality management system and
encompasses a range of KPI’s that we measure, monitor and report upon each month to drive improvements. This includes;
– A RAG rated observational of teaching and learning strategy for all our development tutors
that is incorporated within our staff monthly reviews.
– Customer Insight targets and utilising net promotor scoring methodology to gauge customer satisfaction

– Apprentice monthly progression in the areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours against
projected programme progress captured within our apprentice programme delivery plans

– Functional skills pass rates (1st time pass rates) and benchmarking against national / regional providers.

Get Active Sports: Process for Addressing Under Performance:

Monthly management meetings including operational and quality meetings are held where KPIs are reviewed against targets. This enables the identification of any underperformance within training delivery.
Where there are risks flagged or indicators for underperformance then agreed action plans are put in place to address. These action plans are then reviewed each month to assess if the identified action has led to improvements. From these monthly management meetings, key areas are fed into the SMT monthly meeting. At each SMT meeting a rolling agenda item is a review of our Quality Improvement Plan and a risk register.
As part of the QIP, any action plans/ risks are incorporated into the meeting so SMT have sight of if action plans are leading to required and timely improvements in any areas of underperformance. If identified improvements are not delivered this enables SMT to make decisions on alternative